Mini-Maxi SWOT Analysis

This diagram is a Flat SWOT PowerPoint Template. It is a professional and modern deck created for presenting SWOT Analysis conclusions and results. It is created with a professional Flat Design and PowerPoint Icons that appeals to global audiences. The SWOT Analysis template is 100% editable, allowing the user to fully customize its appearance just editing the PowerPoint Shapes properties.

The Analysis of the internal and external environment is a key step in the process of strategic planning. In the Flat SWOT PowerPoint Template the main PowerPoint Diagram describes how Internal Environmental factors are classified as Strengths (S) or Weaknesses (W), and external factors can be classified as Opportunities (O) or Threats (T). This analysis is generally referred as SWOT (for its acronym).

SWOT Analysis is a simple and powerful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses and for identifying the Opportunities and Threats you might face. It provides information vital for matching the organization’s resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which is immerse. The main objective of this technique is to provide a framework for analyzing your current strategic situation and help you develop a strong business strategy that takes advantages of your Strengths to tackle the Opportunities and provides insights on how to mitigate your Weaknesses and defend from the Threats.

The SWOT Analysis is a tool that can be used at any time, as an assessment exercise in order to evaluate the always changing environment and prepare yourself to respond proactively. For new organizations, the SWOT Analysis is a must have exercise during the Planning Process.

The Flat SWOT PowerPoint Template provides different slides according to the Environmental Scan flow of the SWOT Analysis Framework. Starting with the SWOT Matrix for an Executive Summary and following with specified  Slides that focus on each Factor.