What is SmartDiagram?

SmartDiagram is an online service providing an intuitive tool to create diagrams for presentations, documents and graphic designs.

What are the Export options available in SmartDiagram?

SmartDiagram has different Export features and formats available. From PNG, to SVG and PowerPoint slide. Once a diagram is exported, it can be opened with different tools. For example, the .pptx files can be opened in PowerPoint.

Some formats are available for PRO users (requires to have a subscription)

What is the difference between PowerPoint SmartArt and SmartDiagram?

PowerPoint SmartArt are a specific format provided by Microsoft PowerPoint that let you edit and customize pre-defined diagrams directly in PowerPoint.

SmartArt is an online platform providing an intuitive tool to create diagrams online. The final diagram can be exported to different available formats.

As in SmartArt, SmartDiagram let you customize the diagram to add your own data and change the number of steps.

Is SmartDiagram compatible with PowerPoint?

SmartDiagram is a tool to create diagrams from pre-defined templates. While you can create diagrams also in other tools such as Visio or Microsoft PowerPoint, SmartDiagram provides a separate interface to create diagrams based on pre-defined templates.

Diagrams created with SmartDiagram can be exported to a variety of application formats, including .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint). The diagrams exported as editable PowerPoint slides can be opened in Microsoft PowerPoint.