Hour Glass Funnel Diagram

The Hour Glass Funnel Diagram Template is a two-way funnel diagram design. This template provides a 6 level funnel in an hourglass shape that narrows down and expands again. It is a multi-purpose PowerPoint diagram to describe various business and management concepts. The hourglass is a visual metaphor for time management while funnel illustrates data processing. Together, the time and processing through hourglass funnel are useful for strategic management and marketing presentations. The funnel diagrams are an ideal tool for lead generation, sales, and marketing presentation that leads towards desired outcome. However, the hourglass shape of funnel could help describe further activities and analysis.

The PowerPoint diagram of hourglass funnel demonstrates importance of time in business and management activities. This diagram could be used for personal development presentations or school topic discussions as well. Because it is a generic diagram of vertical 6 steps funnel levels. The funnel diagram PowerPoint is a preferred visual layout design to describe business goals and milestones in a sequential process flow. This 6 steps hourglass funnel template contains 2 slides of assorted backgrounds. Each layer is a 3D style of funnel segment with clipart icon to represent topics graphically. The hourglass funnel levels use vibrant colors to engage audience in diagram and its textual content.

The  Hour Glass Funnel Diagram Template is suitable for customer journey and experience presentations. Because hourglass funnel diagrams are also used to represent customer purchase cycle. Here, the funnel diagram could display customer’s first interaction to purchase and then from purchase to brand loyalty. Hence, the 6 steps diagram PowerPoint of hourglass can illustrate pre-purchase and post-purchase customer journey lifecycle.