Flywheel Diagram

The Flywheel Diagram Template for PowerPoint is a circular pinwheel presentation layout. This is a multiple step process cycle diagram of flat vector-based PowerPoint shapes. The pinwheel design depict 3D shapes with the help of two-tone shading. This is an editable template containing variants highlight each section. The flywheel is the perfect layout to describe rotation or never-ending processes. For instance, discuss a continuous business process or ongoing activities through multiple steps process cycle. The flywheel itself is a metaphor for continuous growth and development. It is also a useful analogy for business strategy implementation.

The PowerPoint diagram of flywheel illustrates paper pinwheel with bright shape colors. Users can easily change colors of these items from solid fill option in design format menu. It is an appealing core concept PowerPoint diagram to demonstrate multiple processes or categories. Such as core competencies in business model of company. The flywheel paper shapes represent a sequence of segments in multiple steps process cycle. Further, text placeholders are available to insert relevant labels and business information.

The Flywheel Diagram Template could display a loop of monitoring and control processes in project life-cycle. This business cycle diagram template will help provide a brief summary of activities that are required for successful project. Therefore, this diagram is useful for both business presentations and educational training materials.