Cycle Infographic Design

The Cycle Infographic Design is hub & spoke diagram template. It offers five clipart icons and an arch with arrows to present textual content in text placeholders. These are five fully editable nodes in circular process cycle. You can change colors or replace icons using design formatting options in PowerPoint. In the center of the circular diagram, text placeholder will let users add title or core concept ideas. Whereas, the text placeholders surrounding five nodes will help represent key elements of central unit. Bright colors and modern visual icons in concept diagrams give an infographic effect to overall presentation. Since infographic templates use eye-catching visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly.

The concept diagram of this infographic design is a multipurpose PowerPoint template. It could be used to discuss a range of concepts. For example, display process and sub-processes, categories, lifecycle models, etc. A pre-design diagram will assist in creating convincing infographic examples in minutes.